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Services Plans of Crown Oil Corporation in Chatham NJ

Service Plans
At Crown Oil Corporation in Chatham, New Jersey, we understand the importance of finding a plan that fits your budget. For your convenience, we offer payment programs for 12-month budgets, locked-in price plans, and a 10-cent discount per gallon for prompt payments.
Plan A: Annual Tune-up (Billed after Work Is Done) - $130
With this thorough tune-of your oil boiler, you receive a number of services for only $130, plus the cost of parts. Our program includes the following:
  • Cleaning of Your Furnace
  • Testing & Regulating All Oil Burner Controls
  • Lubricating Motor Bearings
  • Cleaning & Checking Oil Burner Filters and Strainers
  • Inspecting Oil Tanks, Lines, & Connections
  • Cleaning & Regulating Fuel Pump
  • Sealing Air Leaks around Furnace Doors and Base
  • Cleaning Nozzle Assembly
  • Regulating Oil Burner for Operating Efficiency
  • Checking & Adjusting Ignition System & Economy
  • Vacuuming Clean Furnace & Smoke Pipe to Base of Chimney, as Required
Plan B (Billed in June) - $189
Save on your services when you take advantage of our Plan B contract. New customers who also arrange for an automatic oil delivery or new equipment receive free service for one year. Your year-round maintenance costs just $189 and includes a yearly oil burner tune-up plus any parts. It also covers the cost of labor and repair or replacement of the following parts:
  • Aquastat or Airstat
  • Oil Burner Motor Fan
  • Nozzle Strainer & Nozzle
  • Porcelain Electrodes
  • High Tension Leads
  • Fuel Oil Strainers & Filters
  • Oil Lines & Fitting within One (1) Foot of the Oil Burner
  • Pressure Regulating Oil Valve
  • Oil Burner Switches
  • Thermostat (Standard)

Pre-Season Service - $150.00 + tax

For central air-conditioning units that keeps your cooling equipment running reliably during the hot and demanding summer months.

Existing Humidifiers Service -
$65.00 + parts & tax.

At Crown Oil keeping our customers comfortable is a year round mission. To serve your cooling needs during the summer months Crown professionally Installs and Services cooling and humidification equipment including high quality Aprilaire systems.

Our program involves Checking and Servicing critical components and parts such as:
  • Compressors
  • Heat Transfer Surface
  • Filters
  • Line Insulation
  • Belts
  • Fans
  • Electrical Connections
  • Condensate line
  • Automatic Controls
  • Pumps
In addition, all moving parts will be lubricated plus labor for one additional service call.

Contact us in Chatham, New Jersey, to arrange your heating service for a competitive price.
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